We use professional actors and entertainers with decades of experience entertaining guests.

The photos below are from some events where 5th Element Entertainment provided characters. Some are in conjunction with absolute entertainment, GG's ballroom and crownover enterprises.

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Gouls at UGA's annual  Halloween  Fright Night
Pharaoh and Harem Girl at Tut Exhibit
in conjunction with Absolute Entertainment
Cattle Baron's Ball... Yeee Haaawwww!!!
Faux Paparazzi and security in cooperation with Crownover enterprises.
Make your party the one everyones talking about with that unique something like our Party Crashers, Drunken Server, Sexy Santa, Biker Dude, Jersey Shore Elf and other fun characters that will entertain your guests and and keep them guessing.
Living statues for Georgia Bar Association's annual meeting in Savannah.
Funky Fro Man at "Disco Funk Fest" corp Party
You want a street party? We'll bring the music and street charactors
Las Vegas Show Girls at 40 year class reunion. We love class reunions!!!
Class reunion in southern Georgia got a visit from "The Son of Elvis" and Go Go Girls
Roman Emperor character and some new friends at the Roswell Trolley Crawl.
Cowboy teaching festival goers how to crack a bull whip.